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step one:

click on this URL for the star blvd. transloader ht tp://
(note: you will be better served if you put the above url on one of your short cut keys.

step two:

in the source (where the image is currently located) URL window at star blvd., type in the current url of the image you want to transload to your tripod directory.

step three:

the rename window at star blvd. is optional. you can rename your file using this window. for example, if the source url that you typed in step number 2 has the file name car.jpg and you want to rename it to porsche.jpg this would be the window you would type this. one word of caution here. if the source url has the file extension .jpg you must rename your new file with the same extension. for example, source url has car.jpg you CAN NOT rename it to porsche.gif.

step four:

in the target FTP server window type:

step five:

in the target account name window type:

your tripod member name

step six:

in the target account password window type:

tripod password

step seven:

the upload directory window is optional, you would type in the name of a subdirectory here if you have one set up on your tripod account.

step eight:

click transload, you will be transported to a page with a session number. continue to reload this page until you see the word "zap", you must click this to clear the session. note: you will see in the paragraph above the word zap whether or not your transloading session was successful.