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Instructions for using Freeloader with the Tripod server

step one:
click on this site:

Note: you will see that is says there are 3 freeloader FTP Uploaders. All 3 work the same way, so if one is down try one of the others.

step two:
in the window that says:
Your Hompage base URL type the following:

step three:
in the window that says:
file to be copied:
type: the current url of the image or sound

Note: this is the same as the source url at star blvd.

step four:
in the window that says:
Remote FTP server:

step five:
in the window that says:
User login:
type: your member name at tripod

step six:
in the window that says:
type: your tripod password

step seven:
in the window that says:
if you have subdirectories set up in your tripod account you would type the name of the subdirectory here.
Note: this is an optional window, if you do not have any subdirectories set up, leave this blank.

step eight:
in the window that says:
New name for file:
type: the file name and the file extension
Note: you can use the same file name and file extension as in the original url (see step 3 above) or you may use a new file name, the file extension should remain the same as the file to be copied. for example if the file to be copied has a file name and file extension of:
car.gif where car is the file name and gif is the file extension.
in this window you can either type car.gif or give it a new file name such as porsche.gif.

step nine:
click Up it

step ten:
you will now be taken to a page that says upload staus.
then it will say FTP dialogue, this means that the transloader is communicating with the FTP server, in this case tripod is the FTP server.
keep scrolling down the page, you should read something to the affect that the transloading was successful. there is a clickable button that says check to see if made it, this is NOT always working.

step eleven:
log into your tripod account your image or sound should now be transloaded.....