Make your own free website on

step one:
log into your tripod acct. and go to your directory.

step two:
click the grey box that says create a quick page. (note: this is a pull down menu)

step three:
using your arrow key choose the one that says create a custom page. (note: this will be the second one)

step four:
click "go", you will be taken to a page where you have to name your first page. (note: your first page MUST be index.html)

step five:
you will see a little window that says index.html, (note: all pages must end in either .html or .htm), so your first page should look like this:


step six:
click your return or enter key, you will now be in the edit box for the first page. it is in the edit box where you put all your html coding for the page.

step seven:
the following must go on all new webpages: (note: take care to use upper case letters where i have them)




<TITLE>what ever you put between the opening and closing title tags will NOT appear on your web page. the title tags are used to have something appear in both the title bar with the spinning globe and the message bar below</TITLE>

<LINK REV=MADE HREF="mailto:put the e-mail address you used to register with tripod">


(note: NOTHING above the </HEAD> tag will show on your webpage.)

after the closing </HEAD> tag should come your <body tag.

there are 3 ways you can write a body tag, you need to choose only one way:


if you choose this way your background will be an off white, your text will be black and your links and vlinks will default to blue and off grey.

<body bgcolor="hex number" text="hex number" link="hex number" vlink="hex number">

you would use this tag if you want your background to be a solid color. with this method you can choose the color of your text, the color of your clickable links and the color of the clickable link after it has been clicked (this is called the vlink or visited link)
here is a site that lists the hex numbers for colors:

note: you can just write this tag like this:
<body bgcolor="hex number">
then text, link and vlink will all default to black, blue and off grey.

<body background="http://url of a textured or image" text="hex number" link="hex number" vlink="hex number">

the same as method two applies as far as the text, link and vlink.

now you are ready to put your heading, text and images on your page.